Craig Keeland

Compassion & Encouragement For Others!

Craig’s personality is to Encourage Others. His heart is that of Compassion for Others. After having started working at age 6 mowing lawns in his neighborhood and having come from a background of unbelievable strife, conflict and negativism, he has overcome that adversity through His Faith and has been able to reach out and encourage others through selfless giving, not only of his time but with financial aid. Here are a few of the Companies and Causes Craig & His Companies support or have supported and believe in:

Being Blessed & Giving Back

Craig Keeland and His Companies have been Blessed. Because of theses Blessings, Craig has made a
Commitment to Giving Back to Bless Others, not only Personally but through his various Companies thru the

Craig has made significant contributions to many important causes including:

Andes Children’s Foundation


Founded in 2003 by Craig Keeland, the Andes Children’s Foundation provides much needed
support for the schools and school children of Vilcabamba, Ecuador – a remote village high in the
Andes Mountains. Without these funds and gifts from ACF, the children of the valley would be
deprived of the educational resources they need to ensure them of a Bright Future.

Honor Flight Memorial 2012


Honor Flight’s mission is to take veterans to Washington, D.C. on an all-expenses-paid,
two-day trip to reflect on their memorials along with fellow veterans. It is a small but important
thank-you for the service and sacrifices these men and women have made to protect our freedom.
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Personal Commitment: The Regina Weil Story


When personal crisis strikes one of Craig’s friends or family, he leads with his heart. He
always extends a helping hand in times like these, rather it be a close personal friend or in his
work environment. One such story it that of Regina Weil, a long-time employee and close personal
acquaintance who had a bout with terminal cancer. Her story is an inspiration to all.

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief 2005


When Hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast in 2005, Craig, through his companies and their
associates made a significant financial contribution to assist displaced residents in the disaster
area. This support helped victims of one of the worst natural disasters in US history to begin the
process of rebuilding their lives. When disaster strikes, Craig responds!

Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief 2011


The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that swept away thousands of homes and property in
Japan in 2011 touched Craig’s heart strings in a special way. His quick response to the financial
needs of the people of Japan helped many families to obtain help in alternative housing and food.
Craig’s Japanese Business interests motivated his giving.

China Earthquake Disaster Relief 2008


The earthquake that hit the Sichuan province in China on May 12, 2008 killed nearly 70,000
people and left a million homeless. Craig’s contributions to earthquake relief were used to help
rebuild schools that were destroyed in the quake. Because of his businesses in the Asia-Pacific
region, Craig has a special interest in the lives of these people.

TAASA Texas Association Against Sexual Assault


TAASA was founded on a simple principle: to assist sexual assault survivors and to create a
Texas free from sexual violence. TAASA advocates for individual sexual assault survivors as well as
sexual assault programs collectively. Craig has supported TAASA every year because of his strong
advocacy for women’s rights and equal protection under the law.

We Are More Than A Company…We Are A Cause®